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Welcome to Ground FX Bark Blowing!
We offer a cost-effective excuse to save your weekend... and your back!

Everyone wants a fresh, healthy, aesthetically pleasing ground coverage that their neighbours will envy, and MULCH BLOWING is the answer to achieve the results you want with the productivity, quality and cost-savings that you cannot get on your own.

When you add the costs of labour, materials, and time wasted, nothing equates to a better choice than mulch blowing.

Using a stream of high-velocity air, the Bark Blower delivers the correct amount of material exactly where you need it.

There is no easier means for UNIFORM COVERAGE, foliage PROTECTION, and MOISTURE RETENTION.

Fast professional installation, scheduled when you need it.
No messy piles or stains or clean-up.
Completed rain or shine.
Less inconvenience and disruption.
Boost sales.
Lower maintenance costs. Increase your revenue
Create "curb appeal".
Attract good tenants.
Simplify budgeting with annual freshening.
Lower your costs.
Less equipment required.
Fewer scheduling problems.
Fewer supervisory and hiring/layoff problems.
Blowing makes YOUR work look great!


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